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10 Reasons Why You Attract Toxic Dudes

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There are some women who always attract the wrong kind of guys.



1. There’s Such A Thing As Being Too Kindhearted
This is basically being a doormat. You never complain or communicate your true emotions, and that will backfire. Being too kind is just accepting unacceptable behavior and letting someone think that’s ok? Now that’s not virtuous.



2. You See Him As A Fixer Upper, But You Can’t Change Him
You keep trying to change damaged and abusive people with bad energy, so that’s why you keep falling for similar people. Get rid of the savior complex and save your time. You need a partner that is on your level.

3. You Fall Into Being A People-Pleaser
If you’re addicted to pleasing people, it might not be that bad with friends or family. But with a partner, if you just endlessly please or giving them the benefit of the doubt, you end up not respecting your own needs and wants



4. You Don’t Create Boundaries
Boundaries are necessary in a healthy relationship, and if you don’t create any, toxic people will wiggle their way in and take advantage of that. Creating boundaries isn’t being a bitch – remember that.

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