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10 Signs You Are A Strong, Badass Woman

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Do you ever feel like the world is crashing down all over you, but for some reason you still keep on going? And what about that time when you decided to quit your day job and turned your whole life upside down in a different part of the world? If you think ‘reckless’ is the best lifestyle and ‘crazy’ is an actual compliment – congratulations, you are one of those strong, badass women who know who they are and what they want in life. If you still have doubts about whether you are strong-willed or free-spirited enough to be called ‘badass’, here are a few signs that will re-assure you.



You love yourself no matter what
Loving yourself is the first thing you should learn how to do before you go out there into the real world and do great things. It’s not always easy, in fact, it’s actually quite hard most of the time, but loving yourself unconditionally is something that should come naturally to all people. And if it doesn’t – you train yourself like you would do if you wanted to get healthy and fit. Loving yourself opens a gateway to loving the world around you and that’s the most empowering thing ever!



You engage in meaningful activity
Gandhi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, and that’s so true for you! Whether it’s volunteering in a hostel on Bali, helping your friend in need, cooking dinner for the whole family, or simply reading and enjoying an interesting book – you’re always engaged in some exciting and meaningful activity. You don’t have to save the world from global warming or become the next president of the U.S. to lead a decent life (although, you are totally welcome to try). You start with small things that make you happy – helping others and making them feel better about themselves, enjoying your hobby, or simply bringing at least an ounce of joy into the day. All these things make the world a better place!

You aren’t afraid to take risks
You are the type of woman who won’t think twice about quitting a job that doesn’t bring her any joy or end the relationships that have gone far beyond saving. You like to try new things even when there’s a little bit of danger involved and you don’t really care about what other people will say as long as you love what you’re doing. After all, it’s all about being happy and spreading that feeling of joy all around you!



You know when to give yourself a break
Resting is just as important as doing stuff, especially if you’re one of those ladies who like to get super active and work hours non-stop on the things they love. The best part about you is that you really know when to stop and rest for a while. Or maybe go on a one-month vacation to completely reboot yourself and figure out what to do next with life/work/family. Being strong also means being weak sometimes. It’s all part of the same process – getting bigger, stronger, and more confident about yourself.

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