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13 Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal Their Faces Without Makeup

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Looking at Victoria’s Secret Angels it’s hard to believe that they are just like us, mere mortals, who often have bad hair days and even worse face days when nothing seems to look the way it should. VS models are incredibly gorgeous women both on stage and in real life, so we kind of expect them to look amazing even without layers of makeup. It’s true that they do lots of prep, revitalizing masks and all kinds of procedures to freshen up their skin when they go on stage, but the reality of their everyday lives might be a bit different. So how do Victoria’s Secret models look in real life? Here are 13 VS Angels rocking their makeup-free faces au naturel.



Bella Hadid
Being in fashion means you can look good anytime, anywhere, both wearing makeup and completely makeup-free. Kudos to Bella Hadid for this glowing look without a hint of makeup. She’s a real inspiration!



Martha Hunt
Martha Hunt couldn’t look more gorgeous even if she tried in this sunlit shot made in Paris. She does look like a real angel!

Vanessa Moody
Vanessa Moody definitely knows a thing or two about staying healthy. Just look at that slim figure of hers! She’s all happy and her skin is peachy-perfect, which kind of makes us want go hit the gym right now and do some workouts.



Gisele Oliveira
How can someone look so fresh after hours spent on a plane? Gisele Oliveira must be using some kind of magic, otherwise we don’t know how this is possible! One thing we know for sure – she is a gorgeous young lady who looks incredibly beautiful without makeup.



Herieth Paul
Nothing looks quite as beautiful as a bright dreamy smile on a makeup-free face. We’ve seen Herieth Paul walk for Kelvin Klein, Lacoste, Armani, Tom Ford, but never has she looked more gorgeous!

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