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6-Pack Abs Home Workout, Get Ripped

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You don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars on workout classes or expensive equipment to have a bangin’ bod. All you need is the knowledge of how to use your own body resistance (as well as some killer ab moves). If you do all of these moves, you’re sure to feel the burn and start to see chiseled results soon after.



Bicycle Crunch
Place your hands behind your head in the standard crunch position, to support your neck, and raise your legs into tabletop position, touching each elbow to the opposite knee and getting deep in your side abdominals, performing sets of 10s repeatedly.



With shoulders over wrists and spine in a neutral position, get in a push up position without bending your arms (but don’t lock them out either). You can perform this in many variations, such as single leg planks or touching each hand to the opposite pectoral.

Pilates V
This is exactly what it sounds like – you’re crunching your body into a V position without rounding your back, and need to hold that “v” position for three seconds each time , which is a rep. See how long you can challenge yourself to do better than your best, and your core will be tight in no time.



Windshield Wipers
Lying on your back with hands either by your side or tucked under your pelvis, keep legs as straight as possible without locking them out and raise them so your heels point at the ceiling., lift your glutes off the floor and feet towards the ceiling as your twist hips to the left, feet point right, then lower, lift, and twist to the opposite side. That’s one rep and we’re already tired.

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