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8 Fashion Habits That Make You Look Boring

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Do you remember when you last changed your hairstyle? And how about getting rid of those matchy-matchy outfits that don’t have an ounce of prints on them? You see, it’s good to have simple interchangeable clothes when you’re traveling because you can pair everything with the reset of things and still have a somewhat different look. But in daily life you need to be much more versatile than that. And we are not talking about fitting a rainbow palette of clothes into your wardrobe, but there are at least a few colors that you like and that look cool during different times of year. Using simple styling tricks can also greatly improve your look taking it from ‘old boring’ to ‘young trendy’ in a matter of seconds! Here are 8 fashion habits you should get rid of right now.



Wearing pumps with dresses and sneakers with jeans
Long gone are the days when you had to create a perfect style that was either casual, glamorous, tomboy-ish, or punk. Now is the time when you can mix different styles in a unique way, creating your own trends and looks. Here’s a simple trick that will make you look fresh in an instant – just change the shoes! Wear some cool-looking pumps with slim jeans and put on a pair of sneakers for that cute maxi dress you love so much – and voila! You will immediately feel and look much better than you’ve had in days, if not months.



You don’t wear accessories because you’re afraid to look silly
Nowadays even guys aren’t afraid to experiment with accessories, so why are you? It’s true that things can easily go south if you put on too many accessories, but if you wear too little your look will fail to impress anyone, including you. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules: make sure you wear no more than 4 accessories if they’re large in size; if you opt for bright clothes then you should wear subtle accessories and vice versa; wear large rings only if they really suit you; gloves should match at least one other item on you. Now you’re good to go!

Your bag, shoes, and belt are always of the same color
Matching all your accessories hasn’t been a rule for quite some time now. In fact, the more you experiment with colors, the better! Yes, we understand it’s easier to just match everything and be done with it, but you’ll look much more interesting and trendy if you style yourself differently. For example, when you have really bright shoes, it’s better if you choose a bag that is more subtle in color. Unless, of course, you want to really stand out, then you should definitely go for it!

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