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9 Tips On How You Can Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life On A Plane

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Flying can be very exciting if you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before or planning an awesome vacation, the first couple of times. The take off and landing is exhilarating the first time around, all the clouds you can see from your illuminator window are fascinating, and seeing countries and cities look all tiny from the bird’s view can be quite fun. But pretty soon after the novelty wears off, you start noticing the screaming children, the awful food, the dry air, the lac of personal space and every single person who’s sneezing or coughing and spreading their icky germs around this closed metal tube you’re stuck in for a couple of hours. This is when flying has become a necessary evil that takes you from point A to point B, you just want to get it over with, and preferably not be conscious for the duration of the flight. “I wish” – I hear you say, – “like sleeping on a plane is easy, pffft”. You know what? It is! You just need to prepare ahead. In fact, with these tips you’ll be able to get the best sleep of your life, on a plane.



1. Dress Comfortably
Unless you’re taking a 1 hour flight – dress comfy. Nobody cares about how cool you look in your super skinny jeans and how glamorous your high heels are. Just wear some leggings and an oversized top. You’ll be way more comfortable in it. Comfy, and easy to take off shoes are a must too. First of all – you might have to take them off to make airport security happy, and secondly – you might wanna take them off to curl up in your seat – think sandals here if weather permits.



2. Wireless Bra
For the love of God and all that is holy, don’t bother with one of those push-up bras. In fact, any wired bra will just become a torture device about 30 minutes into your flight. Go for the comfiest t-shirt bra you have, wear a bralette, or just wear one of those comfy yoga sports bras. You can wire up your boobs later to impress the guys.

3. Warm Socks
If you notice that your legs and feet tend to swell on flights – compression socks are a lifesaver. Don’t even question it. But if you don’t have that problem, wearing a nice pair of warm socks is still a good idea. It can get chilly on a plane and you want to stay toasty to fall asleep easier.

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