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Are You Really in Good Shape? 8 Ways to Measure Your Fitness Level

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Everybody knows that the key to good health is getting enough exercise and eating right. But how can you determine whether you are at the right level of fitness? Here are 8 easy ways to figure out if you are at the right fitness level.



1. You can hit the average number of pushups for your gender
Pushups might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the ability to do them goes a long way towards determining whether you are fit. What makes them so efficient is that pushups work so many different muscles: your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs. On average, females in their 20s should be able to do 15 pushups while their male counterparts should be able to do 29.



2. You can complete between 45 and 60 crunches in one minute
If you can do more than 45 crunches you are doing pretty well. More than 60 crunches with proper form, you are rock solid. The key is to not to cheat though. Make sure your feet are flat and place your heels about 18 inches (45cm) from your butt. Your arms should be at your sides with palms against the floor. This prevents you from being able to pull up on your neck.

3. You have no problems getting a good night’s rest
If you are getting enough exercise, it can actually help you sleep properly because it keeps your circadian rhythm in working order. Exercise has also been shown to combat against sleeping disorders such as insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping restfully, try adding a brisk, 30 minute walk into your daily routine.

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