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Bigg Boss 11 25th November 2017 Episode 56 LIVE updates: Salman Khan walks out on Akash and Puneesh

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Salman Khan begins talking about how it looks easy from the outside because it seems like they are playing house house but Salman confirms it’s not easy. He then announces the four people who are up for nomination – Priyank, Shilpa and Sapna and Hina. They then go back to what happened last night and last morning.

Lats night at 11 – Sapna and Hina throw taunts at Bandgi. and then Sapna parrots that people kept saying she doesn’t talk, doesn’t talk.

At 9 am, on Day 55 – Shilpa is shocked that Arshi says that she has nothing against Sapna! Shilpa is shocked and apologises for having even discussed it

Salman Khan wants to know from everyone who the villain is. Majority of them vote for Puneesh, while a few vote for priyank, while Shilpa votes for Sapna stating she makes an issue of everything. Then Arshi emphatically states, that the villain definitely Priyank. Then Puneesh is brouht to the front because five people have voted against them. Then he asks each of them why they have voted against him. Then Sapna opens up about the statement Puneesh had made about classy and massy. That’s when Salman Khan points out the way it was told to her was wrong. She then mentions she saw the way he said but if he feels he said it in a good way, then she might agree. That’s when Puneesh justifies and said that he would never try to insult Sapna Ji. Salman defends Puneesh but Sapna insists on watching the tape. That’s when Hina reveals that she told Sapna about this only because Sapna forced her to tell her.

Then Salman questions Puneesh about his decision not to make Akash a captain. He asks why  did he back out after committing. Akash gets mad at Puneesh and both of them start yelling at each other. Salman then tries to show Akash the way he has behaved was wrong but Akash refuses to see it. Salman gives up.  Salman then moves on to Priyank, the next villain.

He then asks Priyank, how much his mother weighs, then questions him why does anyone have to be a particular weight to be a captain? He repeats but not in the same tone. Post that Salman repeats what he said. And he also reveals that Hina was there! So why didn’t she tell Shilpa about this? Just like she told Sapna about Puneesh’s comment. Hina tried to justify hard but Salman doesn’t fall for it.

Salmaan comes out of the house. Hina then begins to get hyper when Shilpa walks away angrily. She continues to keep justifying, she keeps saying hat she has told Priyank not make such comments. Shilpa thinks Hina is frustrated. Then Salman returns to the picture – That’s when Hina plays the victim card.

Soon after Salman Khan brings up Priyank’s hate for Arshi. He then asks Vikas who defends Arshi and says things – Priyank and he begin to argue over Arshi.

Salman now comes to the nomination task – He tells Hina that she has put another contestant in danger at the pretext of saving Luv Tyagi who has many fans in the house! Salman declares Shilpa safe. He asks Hina what would she feel if she left the house – Hina reveals that she won;t regret it but if she stayed, she won’t repeat it. Salman then calls Puneesh and Akash to the Akhaada. 

Akash and Puneesh enter the Akhaada. Akaash looks least interested. Salman starts to explain the rules of the Game. Akash continues to show his indifference. Puneesh plays along, while Akash remains defiant. Salman Khan is slowly growing angry at his attitude. Akash has given up. He tells Salman Khan that he wants to move on. In Round 2 even, Akash doesn’t try to play. Salman walks out of the Akaada.


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