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Bigg Boss 11 26th November 2017 Episode 57 Preview: Are Sapna and Priyank both out of the house?

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Tonight’s episode had Salman Khan tackling all the problems in the Bigg boss with such swag. He managed to put people in their spot because he was making a good point. He called out Priyank Sharma for body shaming Shilpa and Arshi and made sure everyone knew, that body shaming cannot be discussed in the house. He the perfect mediator who played fair and just! He also delcared Shilpa. That left Sapna, Hina and Priyank up for eviction. In tomorrow ‘e episode, we will see Sapna leave the house but it might not end with her, as when the eviction turned around, Priyank was not to be seen too! Does that mean there is a double elimination? Everyone in the house is shocked over the eviction. Also Read: Bigg Boss 11 24th November 2017 Episode 55 LIVE updates: Vikas Gupta says sorry to Hina Khan for his actions, she rejects the apology

Tomorrow we also have the Race 3 team on the show. the housemates are all set to have a blast with Jacqueline. The episode is going to be a combination of shock and fun.

Priyank on tonight’s episode was called out for body shaming Arshi and Shilpa. Salman Khan questioned him as to why weight had anything to do with somebody being captain. He asked him about his mother’s weight. Priyank tried to justify but Salman refused to listen. He also questions HIna, and asks her why she didn’t tell Shilpa about this just like she told Sapna about Puneesh’ sassy and massy comment. Hina got hyper, tried to justify but it didn’t seem convincing. Today we saw Vikas go against Priyank as well over Arshi.

But today, someone managed to piss off Salman and that was Akash. He refused to play at the Akhaada and purposely let Puneesh win. Nothing Puneesh said, convinced him. Even Salman couldn’t convince him! Salman eventually walked out declaring Puneesh the winner

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