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Bigg Boss 11 week 8 review: Thank God, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are not real lawyers – watch video

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Another exciting week of Bigg Boss 11 got over. This week was all about allegations and accusation. No, not only because that is the only pass time contestants have inside the house. But also because Bigg Boss introduced a vicious court case task for the week. The task was every law student’s worst nightmare. Court room movies in the ’90s had better logic than what Sapna Chaudhary, Hina Khan, Bandgi Kalra and Vikas Gupta had.

Luv Tyagi has disappointed once again. He, once again, got a chance to finally come clean about staring at Arshi Khan at a wrong angle. But, he is acting like a spineless dude. Once again, he decides to hide behind the excuse that  it was the girls who did the talking that day. Hina Khan needs to curb her lies if nothing else.

Priyank Sharma’s personality is inversely proportional to his good looks. That dude is losing respect and fandom like crazy because of his stupid actions inside the house. The man is so proud of his good looks that he never thought there was a need to work on his personality.  The way he talked about Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde’s weight was outrageous.


Puneesh and Akash got into a massive fight. Why? Because Puneesh is an indecisive idiot. Hina Khan is a sly fox. And A-Cash has the brain of size of a pea. The matter could have been solved in minutes but was stretched for 3 episodes.

Vikas Gupta is one of the smartest contestants on Bigg Boss ever. He is pretty much the only in the house right now who is using power of mind games and manipulation to survive. Rest are only relying on fake romance, bithcing sessions and fights as unnecessary as Bigg Boss: Halla Bol.

Well, things are certainly heating up inside the house. Remainder of the Bigg Boss 11 is going to be more fun than ever.


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