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Detective Didi review: Sonia Balani as ace detective Bunty Sharma is damn entertaining and worth a watch

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Such a refreshing show after such a long time. Detective Didi is one show that you can’t miss. The first episode was enough to prove that it’s going to be an entertainer on the weekends. Sonia Balani plays the role of Bunty Sharma, who is an ace detective. Manish Goplani plays a cop in the series and the two will fight crimes together. It’s not your cliched detective shows that has just humour or is too serious. It’s a mix if both and highlights some existing problems in the society. It’s like TV’s own Bobby Jasoos with a twist and a good one.

Bunty is the only woMAN of the house who gets the bread and butter home by solving the cases. Her grandfather and Uncle don’t make any money and are widowers. Her father is handicapped and in a wheelchair after an accident where he lost his wife. Bunty is left with another young boy that she adopted and raises on her own. She basically runs the house. She takes up the smaller cases of busting a wife’s infidelity to solving a kidnapping case where kids are smuggled or killed. Obviously, there’s a lot of danger also involved in her job. (ALSO READ: Manish Goplani and Sonia Balani coming on Zee TV with a new show named Detective Didi)

What It’s About

Detective Didi is about a private detective and a police officer teaming up to fight crimes in the city. The show is based in the city of Delhi. It begins with a narrative introduction of the city and Bunty’s family. We love how Bunty was introduced without all those cliched shots of a woman’s beautiful hair flying about and her getting all dressed up. In fact, as the show progresses, we’ll also get to see a few romantic moments between Bunty and Inspector Bhim Singh Bhullar.

What’s Hot

Since it is a detective show, the makers have made sure to keep a couple of things a mystery to keep the audience hooked on to the show. I also quite liked Bunty’s overall look in the show. She wears these pretty kurtas with a hood paired with denims and sneakers. She is also quite good at her job. The narratives in the beginning of the show were especially a highlight for me. The makers have given a proper background of every main character on the show.

What’s Not

The show could do with a tad bit more humour in it. There are scenes that would have been much better had there been a little bit more humour.


If you’re into detective or crime fighting shows, then you must definitely give this one a try.

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