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I think it’s likely that ‘Ready Player One’ will be cancelled.

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Before you delete this thread, here me out.

There are 4 Reddit posters who are insisting that Steven Spielberg is connected to the death of Heather O’Rourke.

The first guy is sinsyder2:

> There is this old Crispin Glover essay that seems to imply some things are amiss with Spielberg…
> http://hellion444.proboards.com/thread/158
> And there have been a flurry of these so called blind items in the past couple of weeks on sites that called a lot of the Harvey/Spacey stuff years ago
> http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/11/todays-blind-items-molesters-killed-her.html
> And then we’ve been talking about how Seth MacFarlane had been low key inserting little “wink wink” references about Harvey, Spacey etc for years, it turns out he has doing the same thing with Spielberg as well…
> https://youtu.be/gINv-rcrEGM?t=17

The stuff related to Crispin Glover has been posted by Squawker, which, by the way, from what I’ve read, is not a fake news source:

A 2003 Essay By Actor Crispin Glover Suggests Steven Spielberg “Appreciated the Sexuality Of Young Boys”

The second guy is throwaway 24515:

> Either that or Spielberg (pretty sure his is coming out soon), since they own the Indiana Jones Franchise.

> Yeah, somebody posted a linked to a website (can’t remember what it was) on here that has been pretty reliable providing insider info about this stuff. They don’t name names but people try to put together the clues and figure out who they’re talking about. One sounds a lot like it must be Spielberg.
> Edit: found it: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/11/todays-blind-items-long-time-coming.html?m=1

The third guy is THEnimble_mongoose:

> I just read about history, and so am very familiar with the history of child abuse in Hollywood. Los Angeles is my home town and I have heard about Hollywood my entire life. I also know many people who work in the film industry and are able to provide first hand information.
> Ask Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman what they had to say about the culture of child abuse they experienced and knew about.
> Partisan politics has nothing to do with this. Stop trying your divide and conquer tactics here.
> Pedowood is burning and it’s good for the country.
> Dan Schneider is next, and hopefully after that Bryan Singer and Bob Iger.
> There are a lot of rumors against Spielberg going back decades (pedorassic park) but I am not going to comment on that. If he gets exposed, Hollywood as we know it is done.

The fourth guy is OkaySeriouslyBro:

> There is a lot of evidence being directed at Spielberg.
> You’ll get downvoted and mocked on this thread, but you’re not crazy. You’re not dumb. About a week before the NYT Louis CK story people were calling me the same names and piling on the downvotes for suggesting he might masturbate in front of women.


Out of these, THEnimble_mongoose may deserve some credibility since he claims to live in L.A. and therefore, knows what’s going on in Hollywood.

And remember, Netflix cancelled Gore Vidal biography feature when Kevin Spacey scandal got erupted.

With so many evidence exist, we probably shouldn’t be looking forward to ‘Ready Player One’ since we may never see the completed version at all. Remember, Netflix scrapped Gore Vidal biography when Kevin Spacey scandal erupted.

Furthermore, I now see these things happening:

1. Since we’re living in a time when every single rumors, blind gossips/items, and conspiracy theories about Hollywood is 100% true (which is easy to assume if you follow Crazy Days and Nights), Hollywood will cease to exist – and so will the entire American entertainment industry and news media, along with Google, which, according to THEnimble_mongoose, is a heavily censored website.

2. With American entertainment industry getting ceased to exist entirely, Chinese film industry will fill in the vacuum of live-action films and Hentai industry will do the same for animation industry, ushering in the age of feature-length Hentai films.

3. Given that most people who are accused of these things are either Democrats or Democrats supporters, the entire Democratic Party will be banned from being active and the U.S. will become a single party state ruled by Republican Party.

Sounds like BS? Sure, I would’ve said that too in the past, but in this day and age, I think we should assume that anything is possible.

Another thing, this guy says that there are 6 more stories coming:

…and Bob Iger is reportedly one of them:

Edit: I would also like to present this:


Given that some of them are actually convicted, shouldn’t we give this list some credibility?

Besides, if John Lasseter, who had no long-term rumors floating on the Internet whatsoever, got into a scandal, I think it’s logical to assume that every single rumors, blind gossips/items, and conspiracy theories about powerful men are 100% true.

Shouln’t we be thinking about sending those evidence to LAPD or FBI?

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