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Want to see Anushka Sharma as a bride? These 5 bridal looks of the actress can fulfill your wish

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It’s not for the first time that we heard rumours about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli getting hitched. There have been umpteen number of times when we hear stories of them planning a wedding and how grand it will be. Every time people see their PDA, there’s always this speculation if the two are all set to take their relationship to the next level. In fact, these days some are even saying how Anushka and Virat are secretly planning to have an Italian wedding, on December 12. Now although it sounds damn exciting and we are highly looking forward to our favourite couple getting hitched, there’s no truth to this. Yes, unfortunately, the couple has nothing of this sort in their mind and we might have to wait a bit longer till they actually take the big bold step. We know all Anushka Sharma fans are excited and eager beaver to see her don a bridal avatar but the wait looks tiring. But guess you folks are lucky enough to have us to your rescue.

There is something about Anushka Sharma that intrigues everyone. While her on-screen persona comes across as bubbly, chirpy and perky, her off-screen persona is that of a quintessential outsider who is fiercely private about her life. She chooses to surface only when there is a movie release on the anvil. It will be interesting to see Anushka Sharma as a stunning bride on her D- day. While her wedding date is still few days away, we can give you a glimpse of how gorgeous she’ll look on her special day. Spontaneous, natural and always striking a chord – an apt description by Karan Johar on KWK Season 5, Anushka Sharma strides with a strong sartorial game in tow and her wedding style files too will be a testament to the same. Take a look at some of Anushka Sharma’s bridal moments which made it difficult for us to take our eyes off her……Also Read: Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding happening for REAL! Family Pandit takes off to Italy – view HQ pics

If she opts to be a true Indian bride, she’ll definitely go for something as heavy as this attire from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This ensemble by Manish Malhotra was so heavy, thanks to the intricate and delicate embroidery on it, that the actress was struggling to climb and descend the ladder while shooting for the song sequence. But as they say, you get married only once in your life, Anushka should go for something that’s so ethnic and rich.


Just in case Anushka Sharma is bored of something as cliched as red or maroon, she can always go for something as basic but elegant as her look from Sultan. Ditching the otherwise common bridal colour palette and opting for something so subtle with basic jewellery, Anushka will set a new trend and still look like a million bucks. Also Read: 5 theories surrounding Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s much awaited December wedding!


Yet another colour palette which Anushka Sharma can opt for. If red is too done to death and white is too subtle for her, Anushka can always go for a royal blue. The name of the colour itself suggests everything regale. And many designers believe, it’s a colour to experiment and can make anyone look ethereal. She’s definitely not someone who will settle for anything ordinary on her D – day. So opting for this look and colour palette makes sense.


If Anushka Sharma is someone who hates anything fussy and likes to keep it as basic as possible, she will always chose something as light as this above attire from a commercial. With no heavy jewellery and statement earrings, simple yet elegant costume and basic drape, Anushka Sharma will look like the modern day bride who wants to avoid everything gaudy.


How exciting will it be to see Anushka Sharma decked up as a South Indian bride! Anushka and Virat, both hail from North India and giving their wedding a twist would be so interesting. Knowing her penchant to be different than the rest and having an ability to stand out from the crowd, there are chances that she might opt for a different culture and give all her fans a pleasant surprise on her wedding day.

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